Twisted Nose Gin Nachfüllbeutel

Twisted Nose Gin Nachfüllbeutel

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Sparen Sie Geld, reduzieren Sie Abfall und helfen Sie uns, den CO2-Ausstoß zu minimieren, indem Sie Ihre Twisted Nose-Flasche aus unseren recycelbaren Beuteln nachfüllen.

Jeder Beutel ist mit dem gleichen köstlichen Twisted Nose Gin gefüllt wie unsere Glasflaschen, verbraucht jedoch nur einen Bruchteil der Energie, die für Herstellung, Versand und Recycling erforderlich ist.

Leere Beutel können abgegeben oder in der Originalverpackung zur Wiederverwertung durch den Hersteller an die Brennerei zurückgegeben werden .

Nutzen Sie ausklappbare Tabs für detailliertere Informationen, die den Kunden bei der Kaufentscheidung helfen.

Beispiel: Versand- und Rückgaberichtlinien, Größentabellen und andere häufig gestellte Fragen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Simon Sherborne
Great Gin

Great gin and brilliant to have refills to help save on recycling. The grapefruit cocktail idea went down a treat with the birthday girl and guests.

Emily Young

Just what I needed! Will be re-purchasing.

Dawno in Devon
Great Idea

Same twisted nose flavour and I get to keep the stylish bottle for refills. Win win

Claire Graham
As good as ever!

Great to get my Twisted Nose refill pouch. As I had kept the original beautiful glass bottle for my gin collection, it was easy to decant and tastes as good as always - one of my very favourite gins. Cheaper than buying another bottle too!

Great value and incredible gin

I recently purchased Twisted Nose that completely surprised me with its unique flavor profile. This gin's most notable feature is its aromatic flavor, which is both intense and complex.

I never would have guessed that watercress could add such a distinctive scent to gin, but it works wonderfully in this particular blend. The result is a gin that has a bright, fresh quality to it, with subtle hints that balance out the botanicals. It's a gin that really stands out from others I've tried, and I will soon be buying a new refill!

Overall, I highly recommend this gin to anyone who is looking for a unique and flavorful gin experience. Its aromatic profile is truly remarkable, and it's a testament to the creative spirit of gin makers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this beloved spirit. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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