Cocktail Recipes

Hampshire Martini
Discover the Hampshire Martini, where local charm meets timeless sophistication. A tantalizing creation, it showcases the best of Twisted Nose Gin.
Twisted Nose Gin & Grapefruit
Experience the invigorating fusion of citrus and gin with the Twisted Nose Gin  & Grapefruit Tonic. This delightful cocktail is a symphony of flavours, ideal for those balmy summer evenings or as a refreshing weekend treat.
Twisted Nose Watercress Gin Fizz
Elevate your cocktail hour with the Twisted Nose Watercress Gin Fizz. This fizzy delight is a fusion of distinctive watercress and classic gin, creating a refreshing and tantalizing drink. Ready to add a sparkle to your evening?
Twisted Nose Gin & Tonic
Reimagine the classic G&T with our Twisted Nose Gin & Tonic recipe, accented with a hint of pink grapefruit. Perfect for those seeking a refreshing twist on a timeless favorite.
Watercress & basil gin smash
Experience the delightful fusion of herbs and gin in our Watercress Basil Gin Smash. This cocktail is a blend of fresh, peppery watercress and aromatic basil, mixed with the smoothness of Twisted Nose Gin. Curious to taste this botanical marvel?
Twisted Nose Watercress Martini
Discover the bold and refreshing taste of the Twisted Nose Watercress Martini. A delightful blend of fresh watercress and premium gin, this cocktail is a must-try for enthusiasts seeking a unique twist on a classic.